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Siemens Logo Comfort V7.1 on Centos 6 x64 install

Today I tried to install Siemens Logo Comfort V7.1 on Centos 6.5. The installation is started using the start.sh command in /Linux on the DVD. This does not work as the path is not recognized by the star.sh file. When opening the start.sh file it appears the installation is started from /CDROM_Installers/Disk1/InstData/Linux/VM/Setup.bin However when this is executed I got the […]

Siemens Step-7 Namur NE43 analog input.

  • October 22, 2012

Siemens S7-300 does not come standard with Namur NE43 functionality on analog inputs. For one of our projects we created a block to evaluate sensor status according Namur NE43. The configuration uses SM331 analog input modules in 2-wire configuration. Namur NE43 capable temperature and pressure transmitters are connected to the analog inputs. The block below is called from the main […]

Count the ones in a doubleword Siemens Step 7

  • October 21, 2012

Counting the number of ones in a doubleword can be done in several ways. The most obvious is to shift the bits in the doubleword and count the number of ones while shifting. This method works fine for a byte, because only 8 bits need to be evaluated. However when a double word need to be processed 32 cycles are […]

Watchdog unit WD601

  • October 21, 2012

BlueDelta developed the WD601 Watchdog unit to monitor the PLC execution cycle. Although modern PLC systems have an internal watchdog unit it can be necessary to monitor the PLC externally. The WD601 watchdog unit is developed for this purpose. It can easily be monitored and most important it can be demonstrated during factory acceptance tests. Which can be a real […]