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Custom Design

Why do you want a custom designed control system? There are very good reasons to choose for a custom designed control system: Speed, Numbers and IP are the most important: We will explain why.

Speed: a dedicated control system, designed for your needs can be aimed at speed, when this is your need. BlueDelta is experienced in speed, we can use FPGA based control systems which will process your data in parallel.

Numbers: When you expect to sell high volumes of your controllers the choice is simple. At some point your own design is cheaper. We can help you with to find the best way to realize your design and start selling numbers.

IP: Your intellectual property is not save in a PLC or any controller developed to be modified or reconfigured by design. We can help you to develop your system which will guard your IP, we understand that IP is in the software, and know how to secure your IP.


The knowledge and the tools.

When you choose a custom control system you want it realized. BlueDelta can help you!. We have the knowledge and the tools to realize custom control systems. Not just to design the box, but we can realize the complete life-cycle of your control system. This starts with specifications, proof of concepts, pre-production models, software development systems and bug tracking. Basically everything you need to organize to realize your product.


Synchronous Data Acquisition module

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Oxygen Analyzer

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