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This website is created and maintained by BlueDelta b.v. We started with WordPress and added a theme from Simon Bouchard We changed some colors because we think that looks better. Then we added our text, pictures and diagrams in order to inform you about our activities. This text, diagrams and pictures is copyright by BlueDelta b.v.

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When you visit this website our web-server will log your activity on our site. Dutch law requires us to tel you what happens with this information, as it is your privacy information. We use log-files to evaluate the content on our website in order to provide use-full information. This data is used anonymous, it shows how many times a page has been visited, but not who visited the page. Our web-server can use cookies, the cookies are used to tell your browser how to display our webpages. We do not track your activities on our website.

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This website is provided as is. The information on this website is put here with great care, but can not be guaranteed to be correct, complete or actual. No rights can be obtained from this information, the use of this information is for your own risk. BlueDelta can not be liable for any damage as a result of information on this website.