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PLC control systems


The use of a PLC will give high flexibility in process control systems and machine control systems. BlueDelta has many years of experience to help you create a flexible control system suitable for your needs..

Teach-in packaging

For a production company BlueDelta has developed a packaging machine with a teach-in function. The machine is used to stack layers of products in boxes. However, product very in height and width which make it difficult to optimize the filling of the box. To allow optimal filling of the box , the packaging machine has a hand operation mode and a teach-in function, when a new stacking method need to be programmed, the machine is operated by hand and the correct stacking method is executed by hand allowing corrections and optimizations. when this is finished the machine the heights and positions of the layers and is capable of automatic execution of this sequence. This system allows very fast transitions from one product series to the next. This system is programmed with Step 7 on a Vipa PLC.

Modular control

For a large company BlueDelta has developed a modular software system for its complete range of products. The product range of the company consist of one basic product with numerous options. PLC software was developed which allows very quick and easy configuration of software for control of the complete product range. To establish this a basic program is created which allows subroutines to be added, for each option a sub routine is created in a library. The program can be created by selecting the relevant subroutines, connect the necessary in and outputs and compile the program. The connections between the subroutines are automatically established by the main program. For special custom options an empty subroutine is available. This software design process eliminated errors and faulty behaviour, it also allowed a very fast and easy software approval for maritime use.