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Data Aquisition

Daily on your Desk.

Data acquisition in industrial systems is used for many years. However, many data acquisition systems store data on a memory stick or by other means locally. Because the data is stored local at the machine, the data is difficult to access. BlueDelta has overcome this problem by combining IT technology and industrial automation. This combination allows data to be delivered on your desk, mobile phone or tablet. The status and performance of your production machines are up to date and available when needed.

BlueDelta has developed 2 systems::

Email reports.

Data is collected and once a day this data is automatically analysed. From this data key figures are calculated such as production per hour, standstill time / production time, or other figures which give you a fast and easy insight in your production performance. These figures are combined in a report and mailed to your email address. This gives you direct information about production status. There are also possibilities to generate week reports and month reports.

On-line reports.

Data is collected and stored in a database. From this database data is processed to represent relevant and related figures on an internet or Intranet website. In this way data you need is available when you want. On this website several pages can be configured with key data or detailed production data representing a minute to minute performance. This can also be shown in graphs.

Machine Status

For one of its customers BlueDelta developed a system which monitors production machines in several locations. The performance of these machines is made available in several ways. For a maintenance division daily reports are send by email representing the number of failures per machine from the previous day. Based on these reports maintenance can be scheduled. For planning purposes weekly reports are send to the logistic department, these reports are used for production estimates. Also production data is made available by a website this gives direct status information. The machines are connected by a VPN which connects all the production locations, the machines are connected by means of wireless gateways.

Development Data

For a research and development company BlueDelta has created a system to gather running data for a process plant on board of a ship. The process plant is a new development and the development team needs data for optimization purposes. On board the ship is a PC installed which collects the data of approx 250 sensors every minute, the data is stored locally on this PC. The ship is equipped with a satellite internet connection, however this connection is very unreliable due to the permanent moving of the ship. The bandwidth is limited and therefore very expensive to use. Several times a day the data is automatically compressed and copied to a PC in the office of the development company when the internet connection is present. When the internet connection is not available, the data is stored and a transfer is scheduled for a next time. The systems checks whether data transfer was successful or not automatically making sure all data is copied to the onshore PC. The data on the office PC is available for matlab simulations and other calculations for optimization of the process on board the ship.


Linux is used for flexible solutions. The Data Acquisition systems use open source software for data collection and representation as much as possible. BlueDelta has developed PLC interface software for the Siemens S7 series PLC’s and Vipa PLC. Also report generating software is developed which calculates key figured from the collected data.

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